Add Fun to Your Party


Do you enjoy having tasting parties?
Wine, beer, whisky, liquours, coffee, cheese or other tastings.
Make your party more memorable, more interactive and fun with the Tasting Party app. Find out the best and worst of the tasting right away. Find out who are cheap dates 😱 .. and who could be drinking buddies 😉

Tasting Fun for Everyone.

Tasting Party shows guests ratings, notes and reactions in real-time as the party goes on, making it more fun and interactive, stimulating discussion.
For blind-tasting events, do a big reveal at the end and enjoy people's reactions.
Share the complet tasting notes and rankings immediately after the tasting.


Make Your Party Pop!

"For the past several years, I have hosted a blind wine tasting party. I'd hand out paper templates for guests to rank the wines. ... This app allowed the guests to se the rankings and comments in real-time, and made the party more exciting and fun ... Highly recommended for your next party!"

Keith "MrRedFriday" M., San Francisco, California

Beautiful!! Talk of the party.

"This was an extremely enjoyable and fun party app! Wine tasting and rating mystery wines wrapped up in foil was fun and trying to find the medal-winning wine out of 6 bottles ... !!"

B. L., Mountain View, California